Modelo fitness apoya a Croacia con sexy body paint

Los croatas se enfrentarán con Francia en la final del Mundial

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Hailey Harber modelo fitness europea que se metió de lleno a la Copa del Mundo de Rusia 2018 apoyando a distintas selecciones realizando diversos diseños de body paint con los colores de los equipos.

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Mundial de Rusia 2018 se impone sobre el porno

Después de que Croacia accediera a la final del Mundial, donde enfrentará a Francia, Harber decidió pintarse con sus colores, incluyendo la bandera del país balcánico en sus gluteos.

Hailey también ha usado su cuerpo como lienzo para apoyar a Uruguay, México, Colombia, Panamá, Brasil,  Alemania y Argentina.

Posing in my Mexico design!! 🇲🇽😝 So, I've been working on building my glutes for the last 5 yrs. I actually spent the first year of my lifting life doing nothing but squats. I was DETERMINED to build my butt with squats, but I got nowhere and ended up totally ditching them after a year passed and I saw no growth. I wanted to cancel my gym membership and quit, I was DONE with them. I ended up making a pact with myself that I would not stop until I had exhausted all training options AND that I was going to do what I had been putting off for so long- LEARN. Up to that point I had relied on others to tell me what I should do for my own goals, and I blindly (and stupidly) believed them. I was an idiot for not learning for myself. So I started digging online. I started looking into the two aspects of training that would get me to my goal. These two areas were 1) the biomechanical aspect- how to make the glutes fire maximally. What lifts do I need to perform (based on studies/EMG charts) and how do I orient/move my body to obtain maximal glute activation, and 2) how do I manipulate the variables in the workout to ensure that my muscles are getting the highest possible hypertrophic signaling? My questions were along the lines of these- "How many sets/reps? Why? How long should I rest in between sets to ensure maximal growth? Why? What does research say? Does 1 minute lead to superior growth vs 3? What about volume? How many sets? What about tempo? Why? And eccentrics?" Basically, I wanted to know how doing two different things would lead to different signals in the cell, and which was best for growth (and many of here variables are still being studied, so there is still a lot of uncertainly). I still have a long way to go but I've learned a lot, and I suggest you do the same if you're looking to change your physique. Knowledge is power!! #gym #gymflow #fit #fitnessmodel #fitness #photography #fitchick #glutes #bootybuilder #gymrat #girlswholift #worldcup #aesthetics #teamsavage #fitfam #worldcup2018 #bodybuilding #lift #motivation #inspiration #bodypaint #girlswithmuscle #photooftheday #physique  #mexico #flex #model #gymmotivation #love

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Today was for Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🙌😜 Gosh what an exciting World Cup! At this point, anyone might snag the cup this year. Germany's lose was epic! 🙈😩 Anyway, gotta say that even though I'm Nordic (and northern Italian), I share the South American love for thick legs (& bum). I just think that body type is such a beautiful, powerful looking physique, and I've been working for the last 5 years to attain exactly that (still working on it though!) 🙌😝 —————– #gym #gymflow #fit #fitnessmodel #fitness #worldcup2018 #worldcup #glutes #bootybuilder #blonde #girlswholift #colombia #aesthetics #bodypaint #fitfam #abs #bodybuilding #quads #motivation #inspiration #bikini #girlswithmuscle #photooftheday #physique  #fifa #flex #model #gymmotivation #love

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This one was for #Panama !! ⚽️🇵🇦 — I'd like to elaborate a bit tonight as to why I don't do cardio. As a hard gainer/genetically lean individual, 100% of my efforts in the gym are expended in the weight room in an attempt to generate muscular growth. There's catabolic (muscle degenerating) cellular pathways that can be perpetuated by doing too much cardio (look up the AMP/PKB pathway). The alleged 'danger zone' for potentially setting off catabolic pathways is said to be more than 2-3 sessions of 20-30 minutes of MODERATE cardio per week. However, our bodies are all different; how can we really know what our individual 'ceiling' is? I'm anal-retentive about my physique and will avoid anything that might potentially cause atrophy. I don't want to waste away what I've worked so hard to build, and I'm not taking any chances. I also think that many people are under the impression that they can constantly remain in a 'build muscle/shed fat simultaneously' state, and they perform balls-to-the-wall weight lifting sessions coupled with long, intense cardio sessions, expecting to get the best of both worlds. Unless you're a beginner (or influenced by gear), you will be beating a dead horse and running yourself into the ground by trying to go all out in both endeavors. —- #gym #gymflow #fit #fitnessmodel #fitness #photography #back #glutes #bootybuilder #blonde #girlswholift #worldcup2018 #aesthetics #cardio #fitfam #abs #bodybuilding #lift #motivation #inspiration #bikini #girlswithmuscle #photooftheday #physique  #worldcup2018 #flex #model #gymmotivation #love

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BRASIL time 🇧🇷⚽️💁 —- Soooo, there is mounting evidence that training a muscle group more than twice a week (WHEN VOLUME IS EQUATED) is probably overkill (find these studies on Brad Schoenfeld's twitter page, where he posts the latest studies, and lots of other goodies!). Anyway, I would like to note that my frequency has substantially decreased over the last few years I've been training. With me, the general trend has been an increase in volume that has always lead to me needing more recovery time. I used to lift 3-4 days a week (hitting legs each time). I slowly started 1) doing more lifts and sets per lift, 2) building up to heavier weight I. All my lifts, 3) experiencing a LOT more deep soreness (this really amped up when I started focusing on longer controlled negatives, so it would be easy to say that the soreness is eccentric-derived), and BOOM- recipe for extra needed rest days. Early on I feared that missing days would cause me to atrophy, but I haven't observed that at ALL. In fact, it seems that over the last few years as my frequency per week has dropped from lifting 3 times per week to only 1, but I've done nothing but get bigger. Of course it has been a slow road and there are many other factors that are probably contributing to my growth, but I can definitely say that, for me, a decrease in frequency (with weekly volume the same/or increased) hasn't lead to any regression size wise. Will be interesting to follow the upcoming studies. ——– #gym #gymflow #fit #fitnessmodel #fitness #photography #worldcup #fifa #bootybuilder #neymar #girlswholift #football #aesthetics #teamsavage #fitfam #abs #bodybuilding #lift #motivation #brasil #bikini #girlswithmuscle #photooftheday #physique  #brazil #worldcup2018 #model #gymmotivation #love

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