Mujer avergonzada por chica Playboy en gimnasio desea destruirla

La encontraron y testificará en su contra.

Por Luz Lancheros

Apparently, the elderly woman in this picture has finally been tracked down. I really hope it's true and although I can't fathom how incredibly embarrassing this is, I hope this woman knows that there are so many women AND men who were absolutely disgusted by the actions of #danimathers and her pathetic "apology". This whole ordeal really rattled me. It is intimidating enough with society's expectations on #bodyimage to even step foot into a #gym let alone the #fear of people judging and making fun of someone who is putting in the effort to live a #healthy #lifestyle. It is people like Dani Mathers who add bricks to the walls people put up instead of #empowering men and women of all ages to overcome their obstacles. "Strong people don't put others down, they #lift them up." #stopbullying #dontbeadick #fitness #fitfam #motivation #strength #encouragement #bethechange #bekind #advocate #goals #health #workout #buildpeople #personaltrainer

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Massive high five to LA fitness, an international gym chain I used to work for in London, they have banned Playboy Playmate of the year #danimathers from all of their facilities after she thought it was funny and appropriate to take a photo of another woman in the changing rooms NAKED and body shame her to millions on #snapchat this is so vile and totally not what women should be doing, I am really struggling to vocalise how much I hate fat shaming. We really should be supporting people to feel better about themselves and be confident in their own skin whatever shape or size. This woman was simply changing after or before a session. IN PRIVATE. What the hell kind of person would do this to another. I actually saw something similar in my own newsfeed when someone this week took a picture of a non size zero lady on holiday - in her swimwear - I believe to mock her "when in Marbella.." was the caption.... Followed by lots of comments earlier this week I myself have neglected my health and fitness whilst travelling with my business and changed from a very toned size 6-8 to a more than comfortable somewhat wobbly size 10-12 and trust me it doesn't feel great! The first thing that has to change is your mindset, the way you feel about yourself has so much to do with it and then it takes a brave person to walk into a gym unhappy and either ask for help or try hide at the back of a class and hope no one will notice them. I've been that person!! And because I know how that feels and because not a complete tosser - I make sure every time I walk into the gym or a class I smile and nod at as many people I can because we are all there for the same reason and maybe that smile and nod may encourage someone a little bit more or make them feel a little more like they are welcome and belong! I know that with my personal trainer, my own fitness knowledge and the SUPPORT of people around me I'll be back to my own best level of health very soon. I couldn't do it without the support I have as it is bloody hard! Especially to make yourself a priority when you're a person who tends to take care of everyone else first.

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Dani Mathers se hizo realmente famosa no por ser Playmate, sino por burlarse de una mujer de un cuerpo distinto en su gimnasio. Eso fue en Snapchat. Y algo que a ella le pareció “graciosísimo” se convirtió en su propia ruina, porque aparte de hacer “fat shaming”, por haber invadido la privacidad de su víctima, tuvo que pagar las consecuencias de sus actos. 

Lo peor: la mujer a la que le tomó la foto quiere que todo el peso de la ley se le vaya encima. 

El día de hoy se reportó que las autoridades ya localizaron a la mujer a la que la Playmate avergonzó. Es una señora mayor, de casi 70 años, que quiere que ella sienta todo el peso legal de lo que hizo, reportó TMZ. Ella está dispuesta a testificar y a cooperar para que la modelo enfrente la justicia. 

Eso, significaría nada más ni nada menos que 6 meses de prisión por difundir imágenes privadas. El Abogado Civil de Los Ángeles ya recibió el caso y está dispuesto a proceder, sobre todo porque lo que hizo Mathers, como figura pública, aparte de ilegal, es “inaceptable”, reportó el portal. 

Excusas tardías

Mathers perdió su trabajo, contratos y se expuso al linchamiento en redes sociales. Demasiado tarde para disculparse. Cuando ya no había nada qué hacer, la modelo escribió una serie de comentarios en Twitter en las que terminó aceptando la culpa y responsabilidad de su acto: “Quiero reconocer mi acto en Snapchat. No hay excusa… entiendo perfectamente la magnitud de este post y que yo he hecho daño a muchas mujeres”.

En otro post, la ex Playmate escribió:

“No está bien avergonzar a alguien por su cuerpo, y para nada es correcto bromear sobre eso… Esto estaba destinado a ser parte de una conversación privada que nunca debería haber ocurrido. No hay palabras para describir lo mucho que siento haber herido y ofendido a todos ustedes”.

Por último añadió:

“Las mujeres hacen que mi mundo gire, Respeto a las mujeres, me rodeo de las mujeres y entiendo completamente la magnitud de este post. Por favor, por favor, por favor, sé lo molesta que estoy conmigo misma y doy mi palabra de que esto no volverá a suceder. Amo y aprecio a cada uno de ustedes”.

Después de este tuit eliminó su cuenta de esta red social. 


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