Novak Djokovic se somete a una cirugia

El campeón de 12 torneos de Grand Slam y ex número uno del mundo comunicó el procedimiento de la 'pequeña intervención médica'

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Novak Djokovic se sometió a una “pequeña intervención médica” en el codo derecho.

El campeón de 12 torneos de Grand Slam y ex número uno del mundo comunicó el procedimiento en su cuenta de Instagram.

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Hey guys, I owe you some news about my recovery. I’ve been carrying this injury for the past two years, and during this time I’ve been seeing many doctors. Truth be told, there were many different opinions, different diagnoses, different suggestions… It was not easy for me to choose which way to go and what to do. I took 6 months off last season hoping to come back fully recovered, but unfortunately I still felt pain. I really missed competing, it’s in my blood and I had to give it a try on AO. Anyhow, I agreed with my team that I would try different methods after I finish in Australia and a few days ago I accepted to do a small medical intervention on my elbow. It seems like I am on the good road now to full recovery. It’s quite a journey this one, I have to say. I’m learning a lot and for that I’m grateful. I’ve always taken care of my body and looked for the most natural ways to heal, and my body has rewarded me with some incredible years on tour. I am super positive and excited to follow my recovery through so I can come back to the place I love the most. The court. I’ll keep you posted and thanks for cheering me on!

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“Parece que voy por la dirección correcta para una recuperación completa”, dijo Djokovic.

Djokovic se perdió la segunda mitad de 2017 debido a una dolencia en su brazo derecho, el que usa para pegar con la raqueta. Explicó que llevaba más de un año con dolor.

El serbio de 30 años tomó una decisión de último momento para competir en el Abierto de Australia el mes pasado, y fue evidente que estuvo mermado por el codo en sets seguidos ante el surcoreano Hyeon Chung en la cuarta ronda.



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