Peleadora de MMA es golpeada brutalmente por su pareja

Cindy Dandois contó el lamentable acontecimiento por el que atravesó, el cual la llevó directo al hospital

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Cindy Dandois, peleadora de Artes Marciales Mixtas de 35 años de edad, compartió mediante sus redes sociales la brutal agresión que sufrió por parte de su pareja, quien le rompió la nariz, mandándola directo al hospital.

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La veterana deportista afirmó que los golpes por parte del sujeto, fueron producto de la negación a culminar su relación, pues ella decidió ponerle punto final, dado a que anteriormente ya había recibido amenazas por parte de él, todo esto gracias a los celos que tenía.

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Cindy cuenta que fue agredida con un juego de llaves, y aunque sí recibió fuertes golpes, por fortuna no pasó a mayores, puesto que puso en práctica su alta experiencia en la MMA, y pudo defenderse del hombre; sin embargo, tuvo que recibir siete puntos de sutura en la nariz.

Desde el hospital, la peleadora belga mostró una mejoría, asegurando que pronto se levantará de esta adversa situación.

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10 FACTS about your @lynxmma headcoach!!! – – 🔥 FACT 1: Cindy Dandois is the ONLY Belgian Fighter who fought all over the world in the BIGGEST promotions : @ufc @bellatormma @rizinmma @rizin_pr @cagewarriors @invictafc @cagewarriors @m1global @europeanbeatdown 🔥 FACT 2: Cindy Dandois has been checked by many doping agencies and never had a blame on her name! 🔥 FACT 3: Cindy Dandois was the first in Belgium who opened doors for toddlers and children to practice MMA as a legit sport! 🔥 FACT 4: Cindy Dandois was multiple times Belgian Champion Judo under 70kg (155lbs) and got ranked on the European and Youth Championchips top 5 in her younger years! 🔥 FACT 5: Cindy Dandois has always the support of her best friend @mieshatate and was cornered by her on big events all over the world. 🔥 FACT 6: Cindy Dandois was the first one opening classes for toddler classes judo, what became a big hit! She wrote her thesis about it and graduated as a teacher with very high scores. 🔥 FACT 7: Cindy Dandois is Belgian champion FILA grappling, and as a youngster she brought home many international top 3 spots as a freestyle wrestler. 🔥 FACT 8: Cindy Dandois is a hard working mom with a heart for kids, she’s been helping many children over the years, providing them a home and love. She is still a fulltime teacher. 🔥 FACT 9: Cindy Dandois was ranked nr 2 at featherweight and nr 1 as lightweight in the world. She has wins over notable names as @megana_mma @marloescoenen @kumareina @jojorinab @jessamynduke @_daria_ibragimova_ and many more… 🔥 FACT 10: Cindy Dandois plays in the commercial of @nnbelgium to promote diversity in people. Nobody fits in only ONE box! Taking that for true, she started her own gym @lynxmma and made it a home for many children of Antwerp, from different culture and religion. They prove that differences are good! – #mma #wmma #battlecat #bkbmo #lynxmma #cindydandois #headcoach #coach #teacher #proud #notodoping #antidoping #fighter #mother #blessed #godisgreat #motivated #newstart #disney #inked #disneytattoo

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I will not be doing photoshoots for a while, since I don’t feel comfortable looking in the mirror. 😔 – This picture was taken by @ma_jader and this kimono was made by my dear friend @cinandromeda ❤️ I loved this picture cause I know she made it with love. Also I had the most amazing day with my friend @cute_brown_and_psycho 🔥 – Hope to have my old nose back soon… 😔😔 for the moment I don’t recognise my own reflection. I hate that feeling! – Anyway… enjoy little things in life, Do what u like, don’t let anyone tell you what to do or don’t do if it brings you joy. Cause u never know when it might be taken away from u… – – #hurt #heartbroken #throwback #kimono #photoshoot #lovedthispic

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