Los "Guardianes de la Galaxia" se unirán a "Avengers: Infinity War"

Vin Diesel reveló algunos detalles a través de sus redes sociales

Por Elizabeth González

Yesterday, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 director and screenwriter James Gunn held a Twitter Q&A While not a lot of what James Gunn discussed with fans was new he did revealed on whether there will be any new Vol 2. footage shown at SDCC in a few weeks: You might get something if you go to our presentation at San Diego Comic Con... other than that, it'll be a while. (James Gunn via Twitter) On whether any one has found the big Easter Egg in the first Guardians film: It hasn't been found. I will reveal it at some point, probably when I move on to do something besides Guardians. (James Gunn via Twitter) On how much collaboration occurs between the various MCU directors: I talk to the Russos all the time, Peyton Reed occasionally, and most the newer guys from time to time. So a lot. (James Gunn via Twitter) On whether Vol. 2 is based on a specific comic book storyline: For #GotGVol2? It's original. (James Gunn via Twitter) On whether Karen Gillian films all of her scenes in one big chunk so that she isn't sitting for hours on end in a makeup chair for the entirety of the shoot: Nebula is a huge character in GotGVol2. karengillan has her makeup applied every day of her many days on set. (James Gunn via Twitter) He also mentioned what video games he's currently playing: My fave of all time is Knights of the Old Republic followed by the Mass Effect series. Right now playing Witcher 3. (James Gunn via Twitter) ...and the Marvel characters Gunn would like to see join the MCU: Moon Knight, Squirrel Girl, The Runaways - there's a ton I want to see. (James Gunn via Twitter)

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Los personajes de “Guardianes de la Galaxia” se unirán a los “Vengadores” en el filme de superhéroes de Marvel ” Avengers : Infinity War”, cuyo estreno está previsto para mayo de 2018, tal y como aseguró el actor Vin Diesel.

“‘Guardianes de la Galaxia’ se incluirán en ‘ Avengers : Infinity War’ y eso es increíblemente emocionante”, dijo Diesel a sus seguidores a través de un video colgado en su cuenta oficial de Facebook.

En el complejo y ambicioso universo fílmico que Marvel está desarrollando a partir de sus cómics, ” Avengers : Infinity War”, la tercera película dedicada a la trama de “The Avengers “, aspira a ser uno de los filmes cruciales para dar sentido a todo este conjunto entrelazado de películas basadas en superhéroes.

Vin Diesel, que pone la voz de “Groot” en “Guardianes de la Galaxia”, trabajó en esta cinta junto a los actores Chris Pratt (“Peter Quill”), Zoe Saldaña (“Gamora”) y Dave Bautista (“Drax”). La secuela de “Guardianes de la Galaxia” llegará a los cines en mayo de 2017.


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